The Yin and Yang of Marriage

I had a thought about married couples of today.  So, I decided to speak of these thoughts. Now remember, there are good days and bad days in a marriage. To get this started I will start with the bad.  I realized with the troubles that abound our world, that there are some who are just about at the end of their rope, with their spouse.  It could be financial problems.  Problems with children.  Just about any kind of  problem that may and can cause total chaos with our significant other.  We all  have had one or more of these experiences in the past, and I’m sure that we will all have to endure one or more of them in the future.  Example. Earlier this morning, around 4:30 A.M., I got up in a grouchy mood.  Of course my loved one didn’t have a great night of sleep and proceeded to tell me that I was probably going to be an “ass” today.  I was more than likely being one at that time.  She left for work around 7:30, only saying a couple words.  I got to the blog and during my updating I realized that there was a problem.  The problem was nothing.  I mean just that! “Nothing“.  We’ve just been trying to deal with the my layoff from work.  The worries of money and so on.  I won’t even get started about the kids!  You know, the problems that surround ones family, one time or another.  The problem, if there was one, was the way we handled it.  Most of the time one sees it this way and one sees it that way.  That’s the Yin and Yang.   Some times we get so caught up in our own Yin that we forget to see the others Yang.  Lets face it.  If we married someone exactly like us, we would more than likely be bored in the near future or never learn what love in a marriage is all about.  Like understanding, compassion, the need to learn and deal with the joys and hardships of  marriage and the differences that complete this union.  I gathered my so called ass and put it  back where it belonged.  Above my legs and below my waist.  I stated to think of the reasons why I married my lovely wife.  You know, there were a lot more reasons why I married her, compared to the number of problems.  That help me realize how fortunate I am.  Her Yin completes my Yang and visa versa.  So, the next time your blood pressure starts going up.  The next time you get in a heated argument.  Just remember the Yin and Yang of marriage.  It may help avoid the pain and anguish of divorce.


About Rev Greg

A student of Theology and Life. Looking for answers to some questions.
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