Hurry! Hurry! Step right up! Get on the bus to Gangland!

I was reading this article on yahoo news about an activist in Los Angeles- I won’t mention his name because I think he means well-is putting together a tour into the city’s gangs territory.  When I was surfing the news, the last thing I thought is that I would come across a story this unusual.  Will I comment about it?  Oh Yea!  I can’t help myself!

The people who go on this adventurous trek, are then chauffeured in an unmarked chartered carriage, paying $65.00 a seat and sign a waiver acknowledging that they can become a victim during this tour.  I sure hope they have flak vests and helmets on this bus to no-man’s land.

It says the reason he’s doing this is to build a “Thriving Venture”, that gives an insight to the lives of the gangs.  And, to convince the tourist that the communities are not a loss and still have possibility.  I wonder if the people of these communities, that live within the boundaries of these thugs, have the same idea?

Yea, I said thugs.  The only thing you don’t see is the old tommy guns blazing away and suicide doors.

Anyway, he also stated and I quote this from the news, “There’s a fascination with Gangs, he says”. And the town crier comes out to say!  Oyes, Oyes, come to the tour.  Let us promote another reason for the gangs to be proud of!   Look there!, your tour bus driver will shout.  It’s the indigenous species of this jungle!  The dreaded O.G.  You might even get a map with a brochure.   Maybe it could be sold along with the map to the Star’s homes.  You can call it, “The Map to the Bullet Holes”.

We know that these communities have the chance to improve.  But as long as the gangs build up and intimidate the air around them, entrepreneurs will not be eager to start up a capital venture in these neighborhoods.  And, if they were, it would be more likely that the dozer’s and wrecking balls would come waltzing in to start with.

I understand his undertaking.  He sounds like someone who cares about this problem that plagues America.  The article says that he has done a lot of hard work to help these communities and ex-gang members who are trying to move on with their lives, but we have seen what gangs have done and will continue to do, as long as they exist.  From the days of yore, we have witnessed gangs of history past and what goes on today through out the world, what gangs are capable of.  They are nothing more than a terrorist.

Hey!  Maybe the next thing we’ll see is some type of extreme sports show appear on television, with surviving a week in a territory that most may consider a war zone.  They can call it, “Surviving Gangland”, give a big money prize and then the winner can endorse the sneakers he wore, that saved his life by letting him run faster and jump higher.

Hey wait.  There’s already contestants there!  They just can’t get out sometimes. And, they don’t win any prizes.

But you be the judge.  Go read the article Gangland Tours, if you’re interested.  It will give you something to think about.

Here’s their website LA Gang Tours

Thanks for reading

Rev Greg


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