Idiot of the Week Award

Idiot of the Week Award

John Edwards, come on down!  You’ve been awarded the coveted “IDIOT OF THE WEEK” award!

Just more proof that a politician will lie through their teeth to save their butts.  Lets take the latest issue on hand, John Edwards.  He had a tryst and a child that came later, with one, “Rielle Hunter”.  He also said  that the affair ended in 2006.  But a baby girl, named Frances Quinn Hunter, came into the world  on Feb. 27th 2008.  Let’s do the math John.  The affair ended in 2006.  Your newest member of your committee was born in 2008.  I guess this is political mathematics?  The numbers just don’t add up Mr. Edwards!  Maybe, Obama should have appointed you to run the Treasury Department!

Can the sanctity of John’s marriage get even lower?  Oh yea!.  His wife, Elizabeth Edwards, is dealing with cancer!

And, it gets deeper!  John enlisted an aid to help with the cover up.  A Mr. Andrew Young.  Young is putting out a book that I’m sure will explain what did happen and how he wound up taking the fall for this.  Now now Mr. Young, it seems that you shouldn’t have gotten involved period.  If you had any honor, you would have resigned right that second!  Then there would not have been a fall to take.  But, I’m sure the sale of your book will comfort your conscious and your wallet.  If you two would have gotten away with it, I wonder what kinda explanation Rielle would have given little Quinn about the whereabouts’ of her “Daddy”!

And let’s not feel totally sorry for Ms.Rielle Hunter.  Or is that you real name, Lisa Druck?  I understand that you were quite a party animal in you past life.  By what I read, you were quite the hob nobler.  There’s also the matter of marrying into an influential family, then running off with a new financed life and name.  Sounds like you fit in with some of the political crowd.  Sounds like your talents took you far.  I wonder?  If you were ever stricken by an incurable infliction, would you appreciate it if you’re husband had an affair, and got the other woman pregnant to boot?  Oops, forgot!  You’re not married.  I read an article from Fox News about an old former friend that comes to your defense.  I believe her name is “Pigeon O’Brien“.  She said, “that you’re being Demonized by the press”.  She also said that you’re a person that believes  things should be done with integrity.  That you’re, and I quote, “very much into honesty and trust”.  If you’re this type of person, then why is her friendship with you “former”?  And, if you are so honest, then why didn’t you let Mrs. Edwards into your little secret with John?.  Or did you “trust” that she might not have taken it well?

I’ve got to tip my hat to Mrs. Edwards.  She’s hung in there with her hubby for awhile.  I thought she’s foolish for doing it.  If I did something like that to my wife, she would hang me up by my you know whats.  But. this is a woman, who has to deal with cancer, can forgive.  But, I wonder if she’ll forget?  Oh, she didn’t forget.  I found out that they are now separated.  Maybe John can run back to Rielle?  I heard she’s a stable woman!

I’d like to end this by saying that I’m glad you did not win the presidential election John!  We have enough problems with the liars and cheats that halo the halls of our political offices.  And, I will not buy a book from anyone who would have attempted to go along with this, Mr. Young.  Even if your were given the position of “The fall guy”!  I can’t say anything about Rielle/Lisa, that would be construed, that she’s a”Lady”.  Oh!  Rielle/Lisa, give up this new age religion that Pigeon says you’re into.  You might as well stay with one of  the old ones.  You committed one of the oldest sins!

I feel sorry for Quinn though.  I hope she’s not affected by this when she hears all the stories.  Just goes to show, you can’t pick your parents!

The Story of John Edwards new baby on Fox News

Thank You

Rev. Greg


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