Idiots of the Week: Rev Fred Phelps and Family

In the name of God we hate you!

And God came down and said to Fred, “Take thy people and spread the word of hate”!

Well folks its another day to honor the recipient of the “Idiot of the Week” award.  It was a close race.  With British Petroleum running close second and Mexico’s President Calderon coming in third.  I decided that Reverend Fred Phelps and his followers, which are roughly comprised of his family, were the winners.  That is why it’s temporary titled as the “Idiots of the week” award.  Thank you Reverend Phelps and his sheep, for being the first.

I, being an ordained minister myself, can not even express my feelings about this dogmatic religious cult that you have given birth to.  It is obvious that you have a deep hatred for the Gays.  You want to make America aware of this dangerous situation!  Now that is definitely what the world needs saving from!  Aren’t there not any other worthy causes you can devote your precious time to.  I mean, with you not getting any younger and with not seeing you with the protesters as much, I concluded that your time is coming soon.  If I were you, thank God I’m not, I would try to channel my last years, months, weeks and or even days of life left, into something more positive.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not believe in same sex relationships.  But I do not go around my little hometown here with a burning cross and hangman’s loop, chasing the gays out of town on a rail.  Why don’t I, you may ask?  Well it’s simple.  I really don’t know where they are or hang out.  Oh, sure I could find out and I know that I probably could put a strong substantial force together to make their lives quite miserable, but the “Creator” has more important things on his mind right now and so do I.  I hope before you stand before your judgement, you”ll have thought this through.

“I’m a chip off the old blockhead”

It’s now a scientific fact,  “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.  This is Shirley Phelps-Roper.  The daughter of Rev Fred Phelps.  I’ve seen the videos of this woman in action.  Oh my!  I’m trying hard to see the Christian in her.  This is one parsimonious lady.  I’ve got to surmise that she’s got, excuse my bluntness, “one set of balls” on her.  Did anyone peek underneath her dress to see?  To stand out there and speak and show the word “hate” and direct it at a family putting their soldier to rest, well there’s got to be something immensely wrong with her. Physical, mentally, or emotionality. What ever caused it, I hope its not contagious.  Now if she says and or preaches that God hates America, that God hates Gays,  and if God hates the troops, their parents and so forth, then she must hate them too!  And, if she hates these other citizens of America, as she professes is God’s words,  then is in a sense, committing a hate crime?  I’ve read of the court battles that the church has been through.  I see that some were over ruled on their behalf and some overturned.  Maybe someone needs to go back and reopen a couple of these cases and see if there is a hate crime accompanied with the original charges.

What ever the reason is for why they do what they do, it seems to me it’s based on hate.  You see it on their signs.  You hear it from the dark, dank holes that they use other than for eating and what ever else they use them for behind closed doors.   They are teaching their children to parrot them too.  Except for Nate.  Also I see a lot of publicity wrangling.  They are dying for attention.  It could be that their numbers are dwindling and they need to replenish the hive.  A church does not live on bread alone.  So I could sum it up as a form of  idiosyncrasy. I also see greed as a factor in the pursuit of Godliness.

Oh before I forget.  To W.B.C., remember the phrase “love thy neighbor”.  It’s the has the opposite meaning of hate in it.

This just my opinion.

Here are some links that you might want to watch

Westboro Baptist Church

Fox News about the W.B.C.

This video is Nate Phelps.  Reverend Fred Phelps estrange son.


Rev. Greg


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