About Rev. Greg

This a little bit about me!

I’m just an every day Joe Smoe.   I’m a husband to a lovely red-headed Irish wife,, fifteen years my younger and always keeping me on my toes. Her name is Kelli, it’s really spelled Kelly, but she prefers the other.  I have group of great kids.  One in the military, one manages a coffee shop, and two that are still in high school.  Sadly, we have one daughter that was abducted by a religious cult, a few years ago.  We have a small platoon of animals.  My wife is a sucker when it comes to the dogs and the cat.  They have her wrapped around their paws.  One day I will tell more about the family and our stories.

My parents are still alive and I have a lot to thank them for.  If it wasn’t for them, I would not be where I’m at today.  I couldn’t ask for a better mother and father.

I was an only brat in my younger years.  No brothers or sisters.  A lot of my friends and my wife say that I missed out.  After listening to their tales of what they went through with their siblings, I consider myself quite fortunate to be the only kid.  I had a good child hood, adventurous teen years, a lot of confusing young adult experiences and so far I’m still around at middle age.

I’m a USMC Vet.  I did not serve in a war.  Lucky for me Vietnam ended while I was still in combat engineer’s training.  I got an opportunity to travel and meet a considerable amount of interesting people in different countries.

I’m an engineer, by trade. I always enjoy creating.  I design trailers for the agricultural and construction industry.  I was presented with the opportunity to run a production facility and engineer at a trailer company in the Central Valley in California, before things here in the U.S got bad.  Unfortunately, with the way the economy is going and the way California is treating its farmers with the water problems, we had to shut down the company for the time being.

I used to climb, backpack, play racquetball, but my knees just don’t let me anymore.  I still like to camp, and so does the family.  We even have a once a year reunion at one of our favorite places, “Pinecrest Lake“.  It’s a great family camp area.  One of the better ones in California.

I’m also a numismatist. I love to study and collect old and new coins.  I do have a little side business selling coins.  But it definitely does not pay the bills.

I became ordained on November 25, 2007.  I study and research different faiths.  I do not attend a church.  I have conflicting feelings when I see a minister and or priest in a fine tailored suit and in the assembly of the church, I know that there  is someone who is barely getting by.  I know some of you might be thinking what does he mean.  If you preach about Jesus, then you need to walk in his sandals.  He did not wear a suit, owned a credit card, drive a nice car or live the life of luxury.  I have noticed some of our prosperous men of religion live a life of grandeur.  I have also attended several churches of different denominations and doctrines.  They have the right idea, but somehow they all differ in their teachings.  Too confusing.  So I tend to study and watch.  I do not preach or tell you what the Creator wants.  That is between you two.

I did perform my first marriage ceremony on the 25th of Dec. 2009.  A friend of my father asked if I would handle his daughter’s wedding.  So of course I did it.   I was a little nervous.  I think the bride and groom was also.   They said I did quite well.  I hope I did.

The picture you see is the Mrs. and me.

She likes to wear shirts that cause an expression.  A lot of this has got to be because of her formal religious upbringing.  She was raised Apostolic.  Now I’m not sure if  the church she went to is this the way all the Apostolic churches are.  But if they are, I can see why the few that escape feel the way they do!  But this is another “Echo” to look at later.

Thank you for stopping by!

Rev. Greg


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