The New Era of Dictators

This is what I would call one of the biggest threats to human rights and justice I have ever seen in the 21st century.   He even hides behind the cloaks of his hard line clerics.  And they are just as tyrannical as Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  This radical regime uses religion to advocate their trials, imprisonments, tortures and executions of anyone who opposes them.  These Iranian leaders, whose actions liken to the  style of the “Nazi party and Gestapo”, say that these supporters of the opposition are “mohareb”, enemies of God and the people of Iran.  With 180 people, including 17 Continue reading

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Some Dreams Come True

50 First Dates

My wife enjoys this movie still.  I thought that I would look up the singer.  I was glad to see that the sound came from the islands.  I was lucky as a child. I had the privilege to live on the island of Oahu.  To a lot of folks they know it by the capital name “Honolulu”.  I have great memories of that island.  Any way, I thought it would be cool if I shared this with you.  This is the singer of  “50 First Dates”.  He was known as Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole, aka “IZ”.  Its a song many know.  Its a song many can relate too.  I know he loved this song.  I think he understood.  Unfortunately we won’t get to hear anything new.  This also pays homage to a young gifted man.

If your feeling blue and have lost hope, just take a moment and listen to this song.  Some Dreams do come true. 😉

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A Quote From Me

Our actions of today will be tomorrows echoes.

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The Yin and Yang of Marriage

I had a thought about married couples of today.  So, I decided to speak of these thoughts. Now remember, there are good days and bad days in a marriage. To get this started I will start with the bad.  I realized with the troubles that abound our world, that there are some who are just about at the end of their rope, with their spouse.  It could be financial problems.  Problems with children.  Just about any kind of  problem that may and can cause total chaos with our significant other.  We all  have had Continue reading

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The Dirty Laundry of The United Nations

I read a news article that caught my eye about the UN’s investigations into corruption and fraud within its ranks. It’s now shelving cases by cutting back its investigating staff. These cases involved millions of dollars in misuse and theft involving its own employees and contractors.

In 2006 it established a special anti-corruption unit, the “Procurement Task Force”. With in the first three years of its establishment, it has uncovered at least 20 major schemes affecting more than $1 billion in U.N. contracts and international aid. Continue reading

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Idiot of the Week Award

Blagojevich You are awarded “The Idiot Of The Week”

Or do we say Blackojevich

If Donald Trump puts you on

his show,  then I will have a

new “Idiot Of The Week”

Read this article to understand what I mean

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Say a Prayer For Haiti

I’m sure that we have heard about the situation in Haiti.  I would like any that may have read this blog, to take a moment and think about all those families that have been lost.  Those friends that they used to enjoy life with are no longer there.  A hug from someone will not happen again.  Take a moment and hope for them


Rev. Greg

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