Welcome to My Blog!

My wife got me going on this awhile ago.  She told me to get with it!  That I needed a blog.  She has a few of her own that are pretty busy.

So I figured, OK I’ll try it.  It’s about thoughts of Life.  Let’s face it.  You and I can’t hide from it.  Sometimes it surrounds you blissfully.  Other times it stalks you, as its prey.  We take it for granted when things are well.  We curse it when all goes hell.

My father told me this little quote that can sum up what life is.  “Life is like shoveling shit against the tide”!

I’ve got to agree.  The way I look at it is, that the faster you try to shovel in, the faster it’ll be washed back up to you.  So your always in perpetual motion.  A shoveling frenzy!

So, don’t shovel so fast.  The less you shovel, the less will come back!.

Now this is where I come in and tell you why I started this blog.  “No reason”.

But there’s a group of people that live among us that are really over flowing with life.  But they cannot handle the speed of the shit that’s piling up, which is now encroaching upon another persons pile!  Whats worse!  They take no notice of their actions that have caused these catastrophes.  I’ve read about it.  I’ve watch it.  I’m sure you have too!

I just have somewhere to put down my thoughts.  If I find something that interest me, I now have a  place to express my feelings about it.  I’ll look for quotes from famous and not so famous characters.  I watch what goes on around the world a see what I can find.  I want to watch these pathetic fools with their constant war with the tide.  Basically, I will just watch Life and make a comment.  Some people may like what I put here.  I’m sure others might not.

I will look straight into life’s face, with my shovel in hand.  Grudgingly awaiting my share of it.

But for those who are overflowing with their pile.  I’ve got something to say about it!

But I’d like to hear what you’ve got in mind too!  So leave a comment for posterity.

Thanks for the time!

Rev. Greg

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