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This is for the Politicians a political people who give government a bad name.

Mexico’s President is Two Faced

This news headline from Fox News shows that even the Immigration Laws of Mexico are similar if not the same as Arizona’s.  He publicly condemns the Arizona Immigration Law that just passed, but does not condemn his own illegal immigration … Continue reading

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Idiot of the Week Award

Idiot of the Week Award John Edwards, come on down!  You’ve been awarded the coveted “IDIOT OF THE WEEK” award! Just more proof that a politician will lie through their teeth to save their butts.  Lets take the latest issue … Continue reading

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The New Era of Dictators

This is what I would call one of the biggest threats to human rights and justice I have ever seen in the 21st century.   He even hides behind the cloaks of his hard line clerics.  And they are just as … Continue reading

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The Dirty Laundry of The United Nations

I read a news article that caught my eye about the UN’s investigations into corruption and fraud within its ranks. It’s now shelving cases by cutting back its investigating staff. These cases involved millions of dollars in misuse and theft … Continue reading

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